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Octara conducts following Workshops, please Select against preferred course
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Audit Banking & Finance
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[group other1][/group]
Creativity & Science
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Management & Science
[group other3][/group]
Customer Service
[group other4][/group]
General Management
[group other5][/group]
HR & Training
[group other6][/group]
Information & Technology
[group other7][/group]
Industrial Training
[group other8][/group]
[group other9][/group]
[group other10][/group]
Operation & Quality Control
[group other11][/group]
Project Management
[group other12][/group]
Risk & Business Management
[group other13][/group]
Sale & Key Account Management
[group other14][/group]
Supply Chain Management
[group other15][/group]
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