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Workshop Overview:

Are you ready to develop organizational change capability to thrive in the world of change?

With the ever-increasing pressures of change, it has become pivotal for businesses to build the capability of leading and managing change to survive in today’s competitive world.

Having in-house change management capability helps organizations become more agile in their response to adopting change and navigating through the challenges, which in turn helps them with realizing the benefits of change at a much faster pace.

The workshop “Building Organizational Change Capability” will empower you with the knowledge and practical examples to provide a roadmap to hit the ground running immediately.

Workshop Facilitator: Uzma Aitqad – Organizational Change & Culture Design Specialist based in UK

Organizational Impact:

In sending delegates to this workshop, the organization will gain the following benefits:

  • Execute change to deliver sustainable results
  • Assess the impacts and measure the change to convert into an actionable plan
  • Get people’s buy-in to deal with resistance to change
  • Communicate the change objectives across people for awareness
  • Enable people to adopt change with confidence and ability
  • Align culture with change objectives and the aspirations for increased adoption of change

Who is the course for?

  • Senior and middle managers who want to drive strategic changes for sustainable results at organization and team levels
  • Decision makers who need to provide change leadership to effectively manage the disruption in their industry (such as financial institutions, oil & gas, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals) with a change management strategy
  • Professionals in change management and HR who need to analysis and implement large-scale change in an organization
  • Leaders of small businesses looking to manage growth and scaling effectively
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