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“Ben imparted knowledge on proper implementation of PMs, improvement in maintenance and procedures like addition of work orders, maintenance cost budgets in 2-day certification course.”

“Overall experience of the workshop was excellent and satisfactory. Shahzad Akthar has good command
on the subject.”

Catherine is an energetic and focused trainer with good command on the subject

“Good interactive session. Ben’s way of delivery is excellent. We learnt about different RCM techniques likes CBM, CM and how to determine potential failure and function failure (FF) of equipment.”

“The group activities conducted by Shahzad were interactive and interesting. It was a great learning
experience. ”

“I will try to implement RCM in my plant to increase operational time of equipment and reducing management time. Ben Stevens is an experienced trainer in maintenance field”

“It was an interactive session which would definitely help me in my professional grooming. Omar and Mehreen Farooq are excellent speakers. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK in terms of contributing to the Training Fraternity.”

“RCM is new concept for me and as a learner the whole session was very interactive, knowledge full with practical examples.”

“Mehreen & Omar had full command in the workshop.”

“Learnt new concepts such as potential failure and functional failure and RCM in a course by Ben Stevens.”

“Understanding the C&B methodologies, Addition of SIP was fantastic.”

“Ben has developed my RCM based approached, which would be a value-added module for the  organization.”

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