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Traditionally team building has been approached from the perspective of supporting and enhancing extrinsic motivation. This approach has met with limited success. A more effective methodology is to raise the intrinsic motivation jointly in the team members. Using the fun and playfulness of LEGO® in a structured manner allows us to ignite a person’s emotions and raise intrinsic motivation and team spirit. The methodology is called LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY™. It is used and proven internationally.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone wanting to learn how to ignite intrinsic motivation in team members. That is, anyone and everyone that is serious about team building.

  • Top management
  • HR practitioners
  • Line managers
  • Management consultants

Key Benefits:

  • Understand the science and role of intrinsic motivation in team building
  • Experience the emotions of becoming a valued team member
  • Learn how to use fun and structured play to build teams
  • Learn how to facilitate a successful LEGO® team building workshop

Course Facilitators:Pete Smith

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