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What’s Your  Problem?

What’s Your Problem?

Thinkers50 Big Idea Webinar with Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg explains how reframing is crucial, underutilised skill you can master to transform your…

Great Teacher

Great Teacher

In the NIC "Failure Stories" - Baking Failure into your Process by Kalsoom Lakhani - Partner at I2I Ventures will…

COVID-19 On Relationships

COVID-19 on Relationships

In this TCS Octara Zoominar, the Lead Speaker, Zaufyshan Haseeb, Developmental Psychologist talked about how to strike a balance between…

Important To Spend Me Time

Important to spend Me Time

this episode, Haseeb T. Hasan is answering people who often ask why spending time is important and what do you…

Your Attitude

Your Attitude

In this webinar, panelists will be sharing their life experiences with the participants and will discuss how networking strategies facilitate…

I Dont pause When I Speak

If you  Don't want to Pause When you Speak, Especially Under Pressure. Here some speaking techniques from Lucy Cornell

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