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Workshop Overview:

Let us make the World a Happy Place to live for everyone. We live in a fast-paced setting with a constant struggle to have more in life which does not give us opportunity to pause and think about our everyday activities, feelings and emotions. There are ways to foster happiness at workplace, for personal relationships and in young children which are required to adopt and practice on regular basis.

This three-hour online training will deep dive into the positive psychology, exploring the research-backed ways for a meaningful and happy life. The Happiness practices will offer participants to learn embedding habits in their daily routine which will boost happiness to enjoy a content life.

Learning Outcomes: 

Upon completion of this training, attendees will be able to comprehend the

  • Happiness, its origin and importance
  • Misconceptions about always on happiness mode
  • Role of Social Behaviors for Happiness
  • Cooperation, Forgiveness & Reconciliation
  • Personal power to see the Future Self
  • Cultivating positive attitude at workplace
  • Disciplining the mindset and thought process
  • Strengthening the Psychological Immune System 

Facilitator: Sanam Fatima -Certified ‘Happiness’ Ambassador from University of California, USA

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is interested to

  • Learn to foster positive habits at workplace to boost engagement and collaboration
  • Find a purpose of their being for lasting joy in life
  • Strengthen relationships with kindness and compassion

Happiness is a Birthright and is for Everyone!

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