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Course Overview:

Marketing and selling used to be very simple in early 80s and 90s. We developed powerful products, attained the depth of distribution and job was done. However, dynamics are changed. In today’s time bargaining power has been shifted to retailer. Although, we sell to shopper but brands are channelized through retailers. In this competitive time, before you win at shopper, you have to win at customers / retailers. Most of the FMCG / CPG companies face great amount of challenges while negotiate with these customers. Eventually, end up throwing away their margin to these customers.

Smart companies train their interface to negotiate well with these customers. They not only safe guard companies’ margin but also develop strong relationship with these customers.

This workshop is a functional course, designed for business professional to understand entire trade dynamics. The core objective of the course is to push business professionals to negotiate well and end up saving desired margin for the business.

Course Facilitator: Atif Farooqui

Who Should Attend?

All the managerial cadres from sales & customer, trade marketing, shopper marketing and marketing department’s specific to FMCG / CPG, Pharmaceutical, Fashion, Electronics and Electrical industries.

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