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Program Overview:
Intended for secretaries, P.A’s and office assistants who, apart from taking a refreshing break would acquire time saving techniques and be extremely motivated to return to their work places. It would act as a refresher to all the organizing skills, which were left behind during the daily fire-fighting activities. Bosses will indeed witness a positive change in skills, attitude and performance of their nominees, upon return from this highly motivational program.

Course Facilitator: Zaufyshan Haseeb

Key Benefits:

  • Learn modern secretarial and administrator skills for today’s business world
  • Be equipped with tools and techniques to be more productive at your job
  • Realize that excellent interpersonal skills help you do your job better
  • Know how to present yourself professionally and be treated professionally
  • Develop emotional resilience to stay positive
  • Bosses will witness a positive change in skills, attitude and performance of their nominees
  • Return to their workplaces highly motivated

Who Should Attend?

  • Executive Secretaries
  • Executive Assistants
  • Personal Assistants
  • Administrative Executives
  • Office Managers/Assistants
  • Office Professionals/Assistants
  • Receptionist, Executive Support
  • All who want to brush up their organizing skills & acquire new time saving techniques? Even the more experienced executives will indeed benefit from this program.
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