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In today’s world of uncertainty, the word overwhelm is used in our vocabulary quite often.  It describes a feeling of despair and anxiety. Whichever word you choose to relate to “bear able or “bare able”– the feeling of overwhelm can spiral downwards reaching a level of dysfunction or depression. Before these feelings reach a low you can take action and come out of overwhelm. All that is required is a desire and willingness to create an abundant mind-set.

What are the choices that are available for us to overcome overwhelm?

How can we change our mind-set?


Rose-marie Fernandez, Professional Certified Coach International Coach Federation (ICF)

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Key Takeaways:

Through a blend of discussion and activities, participants will walk away with a personal tool kit that will enable them to use the basics of the “Cuatro Method” to create their own formula to pivot from overwhelm to an abundant mindset:

The Cuatro Method of Coaching a four-step process can take you on a journey from Self-Acceptance to Self-Acceleration.  They four steps are:

  1. Self-awareness: to acknowledge that you are in a state of overwhelm
  2. Self-acceptance: to create the desire to do something about it
  3. Self-actualization: to implement the plan or method to overcome overwhelm
  4. Self-acceleration: Where you master the and experience Abundance

Who should attend?

Anyone who desires to be in a high state of energy when confronted with multiple challenges.


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