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Program Overview:

Did you know that by simplifying your…

  • Environment you will simplify your life and feel better?
  • Life you work on your health and you step on the road to happiness?

The Question is:

How to simplify your life when you don’t have time, your life is so complicated and you are so afraid of change?

Key Highlights:

How to simplify your environment and life in such small bite sized steps that all difficulty becomes an easy to do task?

Key Takeaways:

  • Experience inner calm and start seeing life with more clarity
  • Start prioritizing among your needs, your life and seeing the real value
  • Getting rid of the clutter and feeling much better
  • A healthier diet and more active life
  • Less fatigue, more concentrated work, conserving energy
  • Able to express genuine acceptance and gratitude for self and others
  • Live with genuine loving-kindness and compassion
  • Be a better human being and add to social change

Speaker: Dr. ZsuzsannaFajcsak-Simon (Dr. Zsu) Ph.D., M.A., M.A., M.Sc., CNS.

Who Should NOT Attend:

  • Who are waiting for a miracle to happen for their life to change
  • Who are expecting others to fix their lives
  • Who expect their happiness from others
  • Who depend on others to fulfill their emotional needs and use them as a compensation for their lack of self-love

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