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Program Overview

Octara – A TCS Company presents
FREE WEBINAR – EQ for Stress Management and &Adopting COVID Times by John Bentley
2-July 2020 at 2PM PST

This webinar is an introduction to Emotional Intelligence as a powerful force to consciously opt to respond with clarity rather than react in situations of perceived stress.

The webinar will demonstrate how using simple, practical and low-cost emotional intelligence tools and models can tap into emotional resources to reframe perceptions, expectations and adapt to the “new normal” of the COVID era.

Key Takeaways

Through a blend of discussions and activities, webinar participants will:

  • Understand the Stress Effect
  • For organizational performance
  • For individual success and personal wellbeing
  • Identify their own Stress Position
  • Levels of Stress
  • Stress factors & influencers
  • Appreciate the Emotional Intelligence Framework for Stress Management& Adapting
  • Understanding emotions and stress triggers
  • Identifying patterns /cycles
  • Evaluating Options
  • Applying the Optimism Model in challenging and uncertain situations
  • Reframing and adapting to changing circumstances and requirements
  • Develop Personal Emotional Intelligence Stress Management Plan
  • The next steps in developing and applying EQ to tackle challenges during COVID and beyond

Who should attend

Anyone wishing to improve their coping mechanism to deal with the uncertainties in professional and personal lives

Speaker Profile : John Bentley

  • Founder and Managing Director of Boutique Consultancy PowerBase Consutling , UAE
  • 30 years of Sales and General Management experience for leading teams in Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Certified EQ practitioner, EQ Assessor and Vital Signs Consultant from six seconds EQ Network • Conducted successful training with organizations like HP, EMAAR, Cartier & Swarovski etc.

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