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Brands are unique and are designed to set organizations apart from one another. There is little point in investing in a brand if it’s not reflected in all aspects of corporate behavior and every fact of corporate communication.

So all written and spoken messages should employ a range of sophisticated psychological and linguistic strategies that project the personality of a company, along with its value and attitudes- which are carried in its distinct one of Voice.

One organization. One persona. One voice.

Key Takeaways 

This webinar will explore how to:

  • Measure the delivery of your brand across all aspects of your corporate communication
  • Implement a strategy to close any gaps that emerge
  • Equip your teams with enhanced psychological and language skills
  • Remove barriers to essential changes that may be needed
  • Measure the impact of improved communication on performance and profitability

Speaker: Dr. Valerie A Bram BA(Hons) DipEd PhD MIOD, MD of T2 Linguistics

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Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to depend their understanding of how language and psychology can transform corporate messages.

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