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This stimulating workshop provides insights into the power of Emotional Intelligence and the tools which are essential for transforming managers into true leaders. The major focus is on the vital drivers of performance, balancing the operational and the people side and the outcomes required to move themselves, teams and organizations forward, particularly in challenging times.
The program is designed to provide participants with best-in-class leadership education and knowledge with a solid foundation of Emotional Intelligence and the latest research in neuroscience.

Exclusive Offer:
Participants will get complimentary six seconds EI assessment before the workshop (Mandatory Pre-req of Workshop)

Course Facilitator: John Bentley

Key Benefits:

  • IDENTIFY personal levels of Emotional Intelligence
  • EXPLAIN the meaning of “Emotional Intelligence” and adopt a model for using the framework to deal with the uncertainties in personal and work lives
  • APPRECIATE how Emotional Intelligence improves leadership effectiveness, decision- making, influence, relationships and career status
  • INCREASE self-awareness by learning about emotions and patterns; the ability to act with intention; the power of purpose
  • IDENTIFY ways to leverage strengths / develop in areas for improvement
  • DEVELOP a Professional and Personal Development Plan for improving and applying EQ on the job and in life generally

Who should attend:

  • Leaders at all levels ā€“ experienced, as well as new managers
  • High Value Individual Contributors and Team Members who recognize the importance of people skills for outstanding performance
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