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Program Overview

About four out of five business professionals admit that they are not able to draft persuasive and polite
emails because of a lack of proper business writing skills. This half-day workshop and coaching session is a
fast and effective way to get the essential writing skills professionals to communicate clearly and
confidently through emails.
This program covers how to organize thoughts, get off to a quick start and then communicate persuasively
in any scenario that requires communication to be established in the form of an email. The workshop will
end with coaching sessions that may enable the professionals to get some one-on-one guidance on how to
streamline their business writing in various kinds of emails, make a persuasive point, while maintaining
courtesy and professionalism.

Learning Outcomes
1) Discover how to structure correct and powerful emails!
2) Learn simple tricks for e-mail and correspondence
3) Safeguard your emails from careless errors through proofreading
4) Save time and money by avoiding misinterpretations, numerous edits, and miscommunication in emails

Course Facilitator: Kanwal Akhtar

Who Should Attend?
This workshop has been designed for employees and managers across organizations in need of learning or
polishing their email writing skills.

Program Agenda
– Writing your way to success: The 4ps for written communication via emails
– Applying the ‘You Attitude’ for well-communicated business writing
– Busting email writing myths!
– A step-by-step model to follow for email writing
– Responding to business emails in different situations
– Brainstorming tricks and tactics for fast approaching email deadlines and overcoming the writer’s block
– Outline of an effective business email
– Who are your email recipients and who to put in CC?
– The perfect subject line!
– How to give your email the right start: the salutation!
– Reading between the lines: visual considerations for emails
– Ending the email effectively
– Simple proofreading and editing tips for perfect business emails
– Improving readability in emails: Cutting the length and wordiness using the “Altitude Test”

BONUS SESSION: Exclusive one on one coaching on email writing

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