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Highlights of the Workshop:

  • Furnish participants with practical tools on handling their administration challenges
  • Make people aware of their own communication styles and how it affects their relationships with colleagues, juniors and internal/external customers
  • Enhancing the time management of the attendees by helping them prioritize better
  • Helping the participants learn to cope with the stresses on the job
  • Establish trust between members to maintain a team spirit and open communication
  • Motivate participants to become more aware of themselves to improve for the better
  • Create a wave of motivation in the attendees on a professional as well as personal level

Course Facilitator: Zaufyshan Haseeb

Who Should Attend:

  • Executive secretaries
  • Executive assistants
  • Personal assistants
  • Administrative executives
  • Office manager’s assistants
  • Office professionals / assistants
  • Receptionist, executive support
  • All who want to brush up their organizing skills & acquire new time saving techniques? Even the more experienced executives will indeed benefit from this program.
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