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Discussion and Overview:
The threats have been going around for a while now: ‘If you don’t digitally transform your business then your business will die’. But what does ‘Digitally Transform’ actually mean?

  • Should I buy new IT equipment?
  • Should I build an eCommerce website for my brick-and-mortar shop?
  • Should I put ads on Facebook and on Google rather than in the newspaper?
  • Should I send promotional emails to potential customers rather than stu­ng flyers into mailboxes?

 Well, that’s actually not it. ‘Digital’ here refers to a MUCH bigger picture. And surprisingly, it’s NOT about the technology itself – ‘digital’ just provides the tools. In reality, it’s all about your customers!

Course Facilitator: Frank Peter, Ph.D.

Discussion Point:

In this two hour talk Dr. Frank Peter will discuss insights from his upcoming book:

  • Digital Transformation – Understand it to Embrace it (or get out of the Way)
  • A knowledge Guide for Senior Managers, C-Suite Level Executives and Board Members
  • Frank will guide you thru the basics of what Digital Transformation for your company actually is, how you can prepare yourself for it, and how you can lead your organization in the right direction.

Digital Transformation is a process, meaning that every aspect of it can be learned. Don’t shy away from future proofing yourself and your organization simply because you lack the knowledge or fear the unknown. Come and learn what it actually means – not only as a concept but in real-world, day-to-day operations. 

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