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Course Overview:

Managing a crisis is one of the most difficult situations a business leader will confront. Crises are generally characterized by rapidly developing, unpredictable situations within ambiguous and often highly emotional information environments. They all have potentially disastrous consequences, both for individuals and the wider organisations. Clearly, it is too late to begin thinking about a system for managing crisis after they have already struck.

This course provides leaders at all levels with a framework for understanding the nature of crisis leadership. It will outline proven crisis-management workflows as well as providing instruction on leading in a virtual crisis-management environment, communicating across complex stakeholder groups and dealing with the potential reputational impacts associated with rapidly emerging social and traditional media stories. High-profile contemporary case studies will be used throughout the course to contextualize and amplify lessons learned.

Learning Outcomes

Participants in this course will learn skills and enhance their abilities in leading during time-critical and high-pressure situations through the enhancement of critical skills such as:

  • Developing Situational Awareness
  • Verifying and Qualifying Disparate Information
  • Clear Prioritisation of Tasks
  • Leadership Presence in Concurrent Activity

Indeed, many organisations view crisis training as an excellent ‘leadership laboratory’ which, in a very short period of time, can develop skills that are extremely useful in a day-to-day leadership context.

Course Facilitator:Ben Pronk, DSC

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills – in times of crisis or otherwise – even if they are not in a formal leadership position! While it is particularly suitable for managers in higher-risk industries such as mining and oil & gas, the nature of the contemporary environment means that Crisis can strike at any time, in any industry! The skills taught during this program are of benefit to employees across all sectors and at all levels within a business.

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