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Webinar Premise:

Egyptian Pharaohs ruled one of the first and perhaps the greatest civilization for over 3000 years. It takes great leadership to not only bind a nation for such a long time but also to take it to heights which we still look at with awe.

This 1-hour webinar is a combination of history and leadership, where participants will be introduced to the various mythologies, customs and accomplishments of some of the most important and well known Pharaohs so that participants can draw conclusions pertinent to our times.

Sualeha Bhatti – Chief Consultant and CEO of Winning Edge and
Author of ‘My Life, My Dots, My Connections’, available on Amazon.

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Talking Points:

Leadership is Divine

  • How it all started
  • The origins of the Pharaoh as a living god. The story of Osiris, Isis, Seth and Horus
  • Mummification and Resurrection, and its significance
  • What Divine Leadership means to the modern corporate leader

Leaders are Immortal

  • The significance of a person’s name in ancient Egypt
  • The destruction of cartouches
  • The architectural legacy of Egypt
  • What Immortality means in today’s leadership

Leaders Tell Great Stories

  • The importance of hieroglyphs and carvings
  • What story telling means for today’s leaders

Who Should Attend?

The webinar is best suited for middle to senior management. People who are managing other people’s performance i.e. Team Leaders, Department Heads etc, as well as people in charge of Organizational Development and Change Management in organizations.

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