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How a Servant Leadership Style Can Benefit Your Organization?                                 

  • When people feel valued, they strive to become their very best
  • Humility and care from leaders require efforts but foster long term success
  • Firms with servant leaders enjoy high talent retention and constantly outperform peers
  • Servant Leader builds higher levels of trust and employee engagement
  • Organizations exist to serve – leaders execute by serving teams and stakeholders

About the Webinar:

With the modern-day workforce diversity and the need for a work-life balance, major corporations of today are faced with the challenge of sustaining talent, profitability, and success. Servant Leadership offers a proven way to overcome that roadblock when leaders and teams continue on the path of self-actualization. This webinar will address the subject at a macro level and provide some insight based on experiential know-how acquired from a multitude of Fortune 500 firms.

Speaker: JunaidAkhtar , Corporate Turnaround &Executive Coaching Professional, USA

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Who Should Attend?

  • Professionals in management cadre or at the threshold of joining it
  • Technical executives within engineering, operations, and manufacturing
  • People leaders and anyone with a keen interest in self-actualization
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