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Webinar Overview

The ego likes a fight. The present is a means to some end, a barrier and an enemy. Things got to be a certain way, my way and that’s the only way. Spiritual practice takes us to submission to the moment. It sees the present as the present, the only opportunity to make any difference to whatever future there might be or one intends for. It allows us to take a step back from own minds, see our own ‘little me’ that presents itself as BIG aka EGO talking!

In this inspirational and interactive conversation, we will learn more about how Submission lets powerful action flow out of us not just for own little selves, but for all beings and is aligned with the good force, always at play! Our work then is not for little accolades but for the monsters we kill within to rise above even more.

Speaker: Umair Jaliawala

Key Takeaways

In this webinar participants will:

  • Gain greater awareness of self beyond ego patterns
  • Recognise the power of submission and being one with the situation
  • Understand how mind works and see it from distance
  • Feel resistance and letting it go for action to flow

Return to life and work with spiritual connect and zeal to be!

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