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Workshop Overview:

Research has proved that the single most important factor that determines an employee’s performance is dependent on the way he or she is managed by his/her immediate manager or supervisor. Getting the best out of people is an art as well as a science. COVID-19 has significantly impacted the management practices of organizations and led to a decline in performances of employees.

This full-day workshop on Management Masterclass will equip participants with new effective management tools to motivate and facilitate their teams, either remotely or in the physical world. Prime areas of focus include Leadership, Delegation Skills, Team Building, Leadership, Communication, Stress Management and Motivation.

Workshop Facilitator: Haseeb T. Hasan

Organizational Impact:
In sending delegates to this workshop, the organization will gain the following benefits:

  • Have a clear understanding of management essentials
  • Be better able to train and improve productivity
  • Better understand their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Be more confident to take bold decisions
  • Have a better knowledge of dealing upwards in an organization
  • Return with renewed energy and passion for managing their team

Who Should Attend:

  • Managers, who require a refresher
  • Ideal for Technical Executives, who would like to learn people management skills to Get the best from them
  • Progressive Professionals, who are being considered for higher managerial responsibilities
  • Also for Managers,  who wish to take back some practical tools to get the most from their teams and maximize their true potential further
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