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Program Overview:
This program is designed to lay a solid foundation for those maintenance practitioners who want to learn the key elements of Maintenance Best Practices. The course leader will provide many examples of how Best Practices can be used as an active program to introduce continuous maintenance improvement. Attendees will build improvement programs during the course – with an eye firmly on how to introduce those techniques in their own work place. Two complementary methods of evaluating current practice against Best Practices will be explored with many examples drawn from practical experience. A major part of the course will be devoted to an in-depth examination of the application of Best Practices to the key areas of the maintenance business.

Key Benefits:
On completion of this course, delegates will:

  • EXPLORE the fundamentals Best Practices in Maintenance
  • EVALUATE which parts of the Maintenance Business they can be applied to
  • EXPLORE some of the many different ways in which Best Practices can be developed and used
  • REVIEW ways in which Best Practices can be compared within and between companies
  • EXPLORE Maintenance Optimization and Best Practices in RCM and CMMS
  • EXPLORE the role of KPI’s in Best Practices
  • LEARN how to Select and Implement Maintenance Tactics

Course Facilitator: Ben Stevens

Who Should Attend?
Managers, Supervisors and Practitioners in:

  • Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Breakdown Maintenance
  • Inspections, Condition Monitoring and Maintenance Performance Management
  • Plant, Mechanical, Electrical and Utilities
  • Planning, Scheduling and Quality Control
  • Equipment, System and Asset Managements
  • Reliability, Failure Management and Failure Prevention
  • Maintenance and Technical Support
  • Warehouse, Spare Parts and Materials
  • Tools and Tool cribs
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