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Topics of Trainings Day/s Trainer  Name Date Location
Social Media Marketing Tactics 1 Dr. Frank Peter 3-Jul Karachi
Digital Transformation for HR People 1 Dr. Frank Peter 4-Jul Karachi
Financial Modeling & Business Valuation 2 Ali Saeed 17-18 Jul Karachi
Leading through Disruption 1 Asad Rezzvi 23-Jul Karachi
Essential Supervisory Skills 1 Haseeb Hasan 24-Jul Karachi
Win Customers through Effective Communication 1 Catherine Bentley 25-Jul Karachi
Email Etiquette & Writing Skills 1 Kanwal Akhtar 2-Aug Karachi
Strategic Quality Management 2 Alan Power 26-27 Aug Karachi
Measuring Monitoring and Improving Customer Experiences 2 Alan Power 28-29 Aug Karachi
Competency-Based Interviewing Skills 1 Uzma Chishti 28-Aug Karachi
Enterprise Risk Management 2 Christopher Whittle 26-27 Aug Lahore
Enterprise Risk Management 2 Christopher Whittle 29-30 Aug Karachi
Corporate Etiquettes for Pharma Sales 1 Ghaus A. Jafri 18-Sep Karachi
Digital Transformation for Finance Professionals 1 Dr. Frank Peter 19-Sep Islamabad
Social Media Marketing Tactics 1 Dr. Frank Peter 20-Sep Lahore
Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Excellence 1 John Bentley 16-17 Oct Karachi
Certificate in Maintenance Planning 2 Ben Stevens 4-5 Nov Karachi
Certificate for Reliability Centered Maintenance 3 Ben Stevens 6-7&8 Nov Karachi
Job Evaluation & Grade Structures 2 Robert Mosley 15-16 Nov Karachi
2 Impactful Communication Workshops 2 Omar & Mehreen Farooq 10-11 Dec Karachi
Visually Effective Excel Dashboards 1 Irfan Bakaly 11-Dec Karachi
Microsoft Power BI Including DAX & Queries 1 Irfan Bakaly 12-Dec Karachi
Essential Business Writing Skills 1 Catherine Bentley 14-Jan-20 Karachi
Sales Leadership 1 Shahzad Akhtar 16-Jan-20 Karachi
Enhance Managerial Skills 1 Suhail Farooq 21-Jan-20 Karachi
Procurement & Supply Chain Management - Learn Local Industry Aspects 1 Yalman Ansari 23-Jan-20 Karachi
Mastering Contract Management to Maximize Efficiency and Financial Performance 1 Syed Amjad Wahab 4-Feb-20 Karachi
Effective Business Support Practices 1 Zaufyshan Haseeb 7-Feb-20 Karachi
Building Effective Teams 1 Haseeb Hassan 7-Feb-20 Karachi
Compensation & Reward Management 2 Robert Mosley 12 -13-Feb 20 Karachi
Managing Pay for Performance and Merit Pay 1 Robert Mosley 14-Feb-20 Karachi
21 Effective Brainstorming Techniques 1 Dave Nelissen 28-Feb-20 Karachi
Crisis Leadership 1 Ben Pronk 29-Feb-20 Karachi
Understand the FinTech Space. Innovate Your Business Model with FinTech Components 3 Petros Geroulanos 10-11 & 12 Mar-20 Karachi
Project Management & Life cycle Costing 1 Ben Stevens 13-14-Mar-20 Karachi
Practice Social Distancing But Not Vocal Distancing Lucy Cornell 23-April-20 11:00 AM (PKT)
HER WAY TO THE TOP - Smashing the Glass Ceiling 60 min Hira Ali 19-May-2020 2 – 3:30 PM(PST)
Effective Brainstorming Techniques 60 min Dave Nelissen 10-June-2020 TBC
Social Media Marketing Tactics 2 Hours Dr. Frank Peter 18-June-2020 11AM – 4PM (PST)
Smart Selling Skills for Front-line Professionals 2 Hours Faizan Ahmed 24-June-2020 11AM – 4PM (PST)
Being Anchored in an Age of Turbulence 2 Hours Abbas Husain 25-June-2020 11AM – 4PM (PST)
THRIVING IN THE NEW NORMAL - Asia Series: Pakistan 60 min Niloufer & Noeman 25-June-2020 9 PM (PST)
FREE WEBINAR - EQ for Stress Management & Adopting during COVID Times 60 min John Bentley 02-July-2020 2PM – 3PM (PST)
FREE WEBINAR - Introduction to People Analytics 60 min Nadeem Khan 08-July-2020 2PM – 3PM (PST)
Free Webinar - From Overwhelm to Abundance 60 min Rose-marie Fernandez 28-July-2020 3:00-5:00PM PST
TRG LearnFest 2020 - Developing Voice of Influence & Leadership in Uncertain Times 45 min Lucy Cornell 10-Aug-20 Online
TRG LearnFest 2020 - Effective Brainstorming Techniques 45 min Dave Nelissen 15-Aug-20 Online
FREE Webinar - Simplify your life to Live your Life 60min Dr. Zsuzsanna Fajcsak-Simon 22-Aug-20 3pm PST
FREE Webinar: Virtual Presentation Skills 60min Mark Stuart 9-Sep-20 3pm PST
Workshop on Selling in Uncertain Times 1 Haseeb T. Hasan 22-Sep-20 KHI
Workshop on Effective Business Support Practices 1 Zaufyshan Haseeb 22-Sep-20 KHI
Online Training: From Anxiety and Despair to a Place of Abundance 2 Hours Rose-marie Fernandez 23-Sep-20 3-5 PM PST
Workshop on Managing as Coach in New Normal 1 Shiraz Ahmed 24-Sep-20 KHI
FREE Webinar: Agile Organizational Transformation 60min M. Zeeshan A & Saqib J. John 8-Oct-20 Zoom
FREE Webinar: Intro to Productivity Masterclass - Not All Hours Are Made Equal 60min Michael Tipper 15-Oct-20 Zoom
Service 4.0 Transforming Customer Interactions 1 Asim Rashid 22-Oct-20 KHI
Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Excellence 1 John Bentley 3-Nov-20 KHI
Business Communications Masterclass 1 Catherine  Bentley 3-Nov-20 KHI
Online Training: Virtual Presentation Skills 2-hours Mark Stuart 4-Nov-20 Zoom
FREE Webinar: Digital Transformation with Cultural Alignment 1 Uzma Aitqad 10-Nov-20 Zoom
Wheels of Compliance 1 Faisal Anwar 12-Nov-20 KHI
Agile Organizational Transformation 1 Zeeshan & Saqib 13-Nov-20 LHE
Agile Organizational Transformation 1 Zeeshan & Saqib 18-Nov-20 KHI
Managing Stress during Uncertain Times 1 Usman Qazi 9-Dec-20 KHI
Negotiate to Win at Trade 1 Atif Farooqui 10-Dec-20 KHI
MS Excel for Business Professionals (Marketing, Admin & Sales) 1 Jahangir Sachwani 15-Dec-20 KHI
FREE Webinar: Corporate Communication & Your Brand 60min Dr. Valerie A Bram 16-Dec-20 Zoom
FREE Webinar: From Survival to Revival 60 min Dr. Raj Kumar 21-Jan-21 Zoom
Online Training: Email Etiquettes & Business Writing Skills 5-hours Kanwal Akhtar 26-Jan-21 Zoom
Online Pre-recorded: Cornell Voice Online Masterclass 6 hours Lucy Cornell Feb-Mar-21 Zoom
FREE Webinar: Effective Brainstorming Techniques 60 min Dave Nelissen 10-Feb-21 Zoom
FREE Webinar: Effective Logistics Leadership for POST COVID Supply Chains 60 min Bob Forshay 24-Feb-21 Zoom
Online Training: Social Media Marketing Tactics 5-hours Dr. Frank Peter 25-Feb-21 Zoom
Panel Discussion: Women in Leadership: Achieving Gender Equality in a Post COVID World 60-Mins Multiple Speakers 8-Mar-21 Zoom
FREE Webinar: What Motivates Me – Put Your Passion to Work 60 min Saqib Mansoor Ahmed 10-Mar-21 Zoom
Negotiate to Win at Trade 1 Atif Farooqui 16-Mar-21 KHI
Management Masterclass 1 Haseeb Hasan 18-Mar-21 KHI
Effective Business Support Practices 1 Zaufyshan Haseeb 18-Mar-21 KHI
Webinar: Servant Leadership 60 min Junaid Akhtar 22-Mar-21 Zoom
Webinar: The Happiness Affair 60 min Sanam Fatima 7-Apr-21 Zoom
Webinar: Personal Branding Using LinkedIn 90 min Hammad Siddiqui 8-Apr-21 Zoom
Webinar: Islamic Wisdom for Today - Islam In Alignment With Modernity 60 min Abbas Husain 19-Apr-21 Zoom
Webinar: Islamic Wisdom for Today - The Quran: What Is It? What Is In It? 60 min Abbas Husain 22-Apr-21 Zoom
Online Training: The Happiness Affair 3-hours Sanam Fatima 27-Apr-21 Zoom
Webinar: Islamic Wisdom for Today - Spirituality In Three Traditions 60 min Abbas Husain 29-Apr-21 Zoom
A Conversation on Submission: Being One! 60 min Umair Jaliawala 05-May-21 KHI
Webinar: Win Customer through Effective Communication 60 min Catherine Bentley 6-May-21 Zoom
Building Organizational Change Capability 5-hours Uzma Aitqad 2-Jun-21 Zoom
Free Webinar - The Gratitude Challenge - Cultivating Gratitude for Self-care and Success 60 min Kanwal Akhtar 16-Jun-21 Zoom
Human Resources in the Age of Digital Transformation 5-hours Dr. Frank Peter 23-Jun-21 Zoom
Digital Marketing Strategy & Tactics in the New Normal 5-hours Dr. Frank Peter 24-Jun-21 Zoom
Grow Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn (4-Day Modular Program) 60 min Hammad Siddiqui 25-Jun-21 Zoom
Leadership in Crisis and Pandemic Situations 5-hours John Bentley 1-Jul-21 Zoom
Innovation and Design Thinking 5-hours Mark Stuart 7-Jul-21 Zoom
Win Customers through Effective Communication 5-hours Catherine Bentley 8-Jul-21 Zoom
Webinar: Future-Proof Your Brand & Marketing Strategy 1- hour Sarah Dawood 15-Jul-21 Zoom
Complimentary Webinar: The Impact of Digitization and COVID-19 on Relationships 60 min Zaufyshan Haseeb 16-Jul-21 Zoom
Aligning Budgeting and Strategy 5-hours Amer Qureshi 11-Aug-21 Zoom
Interpersonal Communication Skills Using DiSC® 5-hours Fauzia Kerai Khan 12-Aug-21 Zoom
Webinar - Leadership Lessons from ‘Ancient Egypt’ 60 min Sualeha Bhatti 13-Aug-21 Zoom
Online Training: Selling Made Easy 5 Hours Baseer Sami 9-Sep-21 Zoom
Excel Advanced & BI 1-Day Irfan Bakaly 15-Sep-21 Karachi
Online Training: Hire the Best 5-hours Rahila Narejo 16-Sep-21 Zoom
Complimentary Webinar: The Masterminds' Mind 60-min Muneeba Ali 22-Sep-21 Zoom
Online Training: Servant Leadership 5-hours Junaid Akhtar 27-Sep-21 Zoom
Workshop: Key Performance Indicators Essentials 1-Day Farhan Mahmood 7-Oct-21 Karachi
Workshop: Financial Dashboard in Power BI 1-Day Irfan Bakaly 12-Oct-21 Karachi
Workshop: Excel Advanced & BI 1-Day Irfan Bakaly 13-Oct-21 Karachi
Complimentary Webinar: Dressing Etiquettes for Professional Success 60-min Hamid Saeed 14-Oct-21 Zoom
Online Training: Continuous Improvement Process & Sustainability in Manufacturing Practices 5-hours Khalid Latif 28-Oct-21 Zoom
Complimentary Webinar: Growth Mind-set for Lifelong Learning 60-min Ayesha Tariq 4-Nov-21 Zoom
Workshop: Bearing Damage Analysis 2-Days Khurram Shahzad 10-11-Nov-21 Karachi
Online Training: Storytelling from Numbers -Mastering Data Interpretation 5-hours Ans Khurram 19-Nov-21 Zoom
Complimentary Webinar - Optimising Business Processes 60 Min Ing. Joseph Micallef 22-Nov-21 Zoom
Workshop: Lead Through Transforming L&D 1-Day Dr. Kamran Yamin 25-Nov-21 Karachi
Workshop: Emotional Intelligence for HR Leaders 1-Day John Bentley 8-Dec-21 Karachi
Workshop: Strategic Thinking & Planning 1-Day John Bentley 9-Dec-21 Karachi
Online Training: Customer Services Skills for Frontliners 3-hours Faizan Ahmad 14-Dec-21 Zoom
Workshop: Building Organizational Change Capability 1-Day Uzma Aitqad 15-Dec-21 Karachi
Workshop: Communication Using Colored Brain ™ 1-Day Fahad Khalil TBC Zoom
Online Training: Innovation & Design Thinking 5-hours Mark Stuart TBC Zoom
Online Training: 21 Effective Brainstorming Techniques 5-hours Dave Nelissen TBC Zoom
HR Leadership Using HR Metrics & HR Analytics 5-hour Talha Asim TBC Zoom
Understanding Fintech, Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain TBC Petros Geroulanos TBC Zoom
Designing Agile Organizations 2-Days Fredrick Haentjens TBC Karachi
All training programs are subject to change as per the guidelines from GoP on CoVID_19*
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