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Course Overview:

A 2 Impactful Communication Workshops consists of a course on “Building Confidence” and “Creating Impact” by Omar & Mehreen Farooq.

These two workshops have been designed for anyone looking to improve the quality of their communication, be authentic when speaking and master their ability to influence, impact and inspire. Whether you’re a leader or in middle management, a sales executive advertising guru or a frequent presenter or public speaker – the essential skills taught in these programs have been designed using international theatre techniques as well as established NLP practices that will help you over-come internal obstacles to saying what you really mean to say while controlling your emotions as well as mastering your ability to observe others and communicate in a way that guarantees you will be able to impact, influence, inspire and persuade.

Course Facilitators: Both workshops will be conducted by the 2 Facilitators; Mehreen & Omar Farooq

Learning Outcomes:

  • BECOME a pro at managing stress and anxiety
  • OOZE confidence, get out of your shell and embrace who you truly are
  • BECOME an authentic and impactful communicator who can influence and inspire
  • AMPLIFY the quality of your relationships by learning how to control emotions in high stress situations
  • MASTER your charisma and stage presence
  • BECOME an expert at presenting and keeping an audience engaged
  • BOOST the powers of your observation by becoming a master of other people’s non- verbal cues

Who Should Attend:

  • People in Managerial roles and team leads who need to communicate effectively with their team across departments
  • People in Sales roles
  • People in Advertising, Public Speakers, frequent Presenters and University Lecturers
  • People in Leadership roles who want to improve their ability to influence, impact and inspire
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